Upcoming events and exhibitions: events and happenings at the Munch Museum

  The Munch Museum is not only a place to see and experience the art of Edvard Munch, but also a platform for a dynamic range of events and activities. These events, which include upcoming exhibitions, lectures, workshops and special events, are designed to engage audiences, educate and create art experiences.

   Upcoming exhibitions

  Exhibitions are at the heart of the Munch Museum's activities. Each year, the museum hosts a variety of exhibitions that focus on different aspects of Munch's work. These exhibitions can include everything from retrospective overviews of the artist's entire oeuvre to exhibitions focusing on specific topics, such as Munch's work in the context of his contemporaries or the influence of specific historical events on his works.

   Lectures and workshops

  The Munch Museum also offers a series of lectures and workshops related to its collection and exhibitions. The lectures, often led by experts and curators, provide an in-depth look at Munch's work and the context in which it was created. Workshops, usually interactive and hands-on, allow participants to explore techniques, themes and ideas related to Munch's work.

   Special events

  In addition to regular exhibitions and educational programs, the Munch Museum also holds special events throughout the year. These can be cultural events such as concerts, film screenings or theatrical performances that are related to the themes or works on display at the museum. They can also be community events, such as open days, where the public has a chance to visit the museum for free, meetings with artists or special theme days.

  In summary, upcoming events and exhibitions at the Munch Museum offer the public a range of opportunities to experience and understand Munch's art through diverse and engaging activities. They are a key part of the museum's mission to make Munch's art accessible, understandable and meaningful to a wide audience. Like any museum, the Munch Museum is a vibrant and dynamic place that is constantly evolving and striving to create new and exciting experiences for its visitors.


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