About us

   Who We Are

  We are the Munch Museum, dedicated to preserving and celebrating the legacy of one of the most innovative artists, Edvard Munch. Located in scenic Norway, Munch's home, our museum is a gathering place for art lovers, scholars, students and anyone who wants to discover and understand the unique masterpieces of this incomparable painter.

  Our mission is not only to preserve and display Munch's works, but also to inspire and educate through his art. To achieve this, we proudly offer a variety of educational programs, art workshops and special events that help people understand and appreciate the importance and impact of Munch on contemporary art.

  We are also committed to art research and conservation, working to preserve Munch's invaluable legacy for future generations. Our team consists of experienced curators, researchers and educators who combine their wealth of experience to enable you to fully experience Munch's work.

  As the Munch Museum, we not only preserve and celebrate the artist's work, but we also strive to share his passion, creativity and courage with everyone who crosses our virtual or physical thresholds.


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