Interviews with experts and curators: Interactive experiences at the Munch Museum

  The Munch Museum, like many other museums around the world, offers unique ways to engage audiences and deepen their understanding and appreciation of art. One of these means is through interviews with experts and curators, which provide valuable information and insights into Edvard Munch's work.

   What are interviews with experts and curators?

  Expert and curator interviews are conversations conducted by museum staff or outside individuals in which experts and curators share their knowledge and understanding of art. At the Munch Museum, these interviews typically focus on Munch's work, but may also cover broader topics related to art, art history and museum management.

   Why are they important?

  Interviews with experts and curators serve several important functions. First, they provide the public with valuable knowledge about the artworks on display at the museum. Experts and curators can offer unique perspectives and insights that help the public understand and appreciate art on a deeper level.

  Secondly, these interviews help the public gain a better understanding of the work that is being done behind the scenes at the museum. Through interviews with experts and curators, visitors can better understand how an exhibition is created, how artworks are conserved, and how the museum decides which works should be displayed.

   How are the interviews available?

  Interviews are usually available online on the museum's website, and some may also be available during a visit to the museum. Some interviews may be presented as videos, while others may be available in text form. Some museums, including the Munch Museum, also offer interviews in podcast form.

  In summary, interviews with experts and curators are a valuable tool for deepening understanding and appreciation of art. They are evidence of how museums, such as the Munch Museum, are striving to engage audiences and create more interactive and immersive museum experiences.


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